Post Number 1,000

This post is number 1,000 in this, my blog about Canadian income tax law. I have been writing here more or less regularly, since August, 2005. I started writing the blog as a way of informing clients about recent developments and key concepts. The blog also serves as a kind of resume. Anyone who wants to know what I do for a living can come here and understand the focus of my practice.

I have changed my intended audience over the last five years or so, however. My writing now mainly focuses on tax technical issues. I write to ensure I understand important concepts and to summarize important recent developments. I regularly search the blog to remind myself of important sources to consult when I’m advising clients. I like to send useful posts to the other tax professionals to help explain my thinking on a topic.

I suspect most clients wouldn’t find my posts all that helpful these days because they have become rather terse. Still, I enjoy writing, and so I don’t plan to quit this blog any time soon. I won’t get to post number 2,000, but a few dozen more will likely make their way here.

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